Virtual Design & Construction Services

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is the utilization of BIM and other technologies to digitally represent, plan, and manage all aspects of a construction project.

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Digital Twin Development

A Digital Twin is an exact, detailed, digital replica of a building. Utilizing MAX 360’s VDC services enables project collaborators to vizualize and manage their project in multiple dimensions. A digital twin can simulate and predict real-world conditions to provide insights throughout the project lifecylce.

BIM Coordination & Clash Detection

BIM Coordination and Clash Detection enables Design & Construction teams to identify and solve potential issues prior to construction by digitally coordinating all trades and components of a building. MAX 360’s VDC services enables AEC professionals to leverage our expertise to assist in the digital management of a built asset.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

MAX 360’s VDC team utilizes immersive technologies like VR & AR to bring the Built Environment to life. Not only does VR & AR technology enable AEC professionals to visualize their projects, it also helps significantly lower risk prior to construction. MAX 360 creates custom solutions for each projects specific needs.

Digital Construction Management

MAX 360 utilizes BIM and other technologies to digitally manage important information throughout a projects lifecycle. 4D and 5D BIM incorporate the dimensions of time sequencing and cost budgeting into a BIM Model, which enables increased collaboration, reduced risk, and greater project insight.


Benefits of VDC

VDC technologies present a number of impactful benefits to a project.



VDC helps enhance collaboration and streamline communication between project stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle.



VDC helps increase efficiency, optimize construction processes and reduce waste throughout the project design and construction phase.



VDC helps significantly reduce cost throughout a project by eliminating design clashes, optimizing efficiency, and reducing construction rework.



VDC helps reduce a projects overall timeline by allowing for better planning and eliminating potential scheduling conflicts.



VDC technologies help provide increased project clarity around scope and timeline by reducing errors and miscommunication.



VDC helps increase a projects overall sustainability by optimizing the use of materials and increasing the energy efficiency of a building.



MAX 360 provides VDC solutions to AEC Professionals in all disciplines.









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