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Automate repetitive design tasks. MAX 360 offers specialized BIM Content Creation and Revit Family Creation Services, providing customizable components that can be seamlessly integrated into your BIM projects.

Our team of experts crafts BIM Content and Revit Families for a wide range of architectural, structural, and MEP components, ensuring that they are detailed, accurate, and fully parametric.

These custom content families enhance the detail and accuracy of BIM models, facilitating better design analysis and construction documentation.

By utilizing our BIM Content and Revit Family creation services, clients can benefit from increased design flexibility, improved project outcomes, and significant time savings.

Our focus on precision and customization helps clients meet specific project requirements, enhancing the overall design process.

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BIM Content Creation Services

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Why MAX 360?


Outsourcing BIM Content Creation to MAX 360 offers numerous benefits to Architects and Engineers, streamlining their project workflows and enhancing overall project outcomes.


Cost Efficiency

Outsourcing BIM content creation and Revit family creation to MAX 360 can significantly reduce costs associated with hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house team. By leveraging the expertise of MAX 360, firms can leverage the benefits of high-quality BIM models without the additional overhead.


Focus on Core Competencies

By delegating BIM content creation tasks to MAX 360, Architects and Engineers can focus more on their core competencies and critical aspects of project design and development, improving project efficiency and ensuring that the primary team can dedicate their efforts to core competencies.


Access to Expertise and Advanced Technologies

Partnering with MAX 360 gives our clients access to the latest BIM technologies and methodologies, as well as our teams specialized skillsets. This means that firms can benefit from advanced BIM capabilities without the need to invest in expensive technology.


Automation & Efficiency

Significantly improve efficiency and automation throughout the design process by integrating customizable components that can be quickly adapted to various project specifications. This automation reduces repetitive design tasks, enabling architects and engineers to focus on more complex aspects of the project. 

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