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MAX 360 specializes in transforming the complex and dynamic environments of construction projects into accurate, manageable, and highly detailed digital models through our cutting-edge Scan to BIM and Point Cloud to BIM services.

Our Scan to BIM service is designed to capture the physical reality of a site or structure using advanced laser scanning technology, creating a precise digital reflection that can be used for renovation, retrofit, or As-Built documentation purposes. This technology enables our team to efficiently collect comprehensive data on existing conditions, which is then meticulously converted into a sophisticated 3D BIM model. 

Our Point Cloud to BIM service further extends our capabilities by converting large datasets captured by 3D laser scanners into detailed, precise BIM models. This service is invaluable for projects requiring detailed documentation of complex environments, historical preservation, or where precise measurements are critical for the design and construction process. The benefits of our Point Cloud to BIM services include enhanced accuracy in project planning, the ability to foresee potential design conflicts before they arise, and a significant reduction in time and cost overruns. 

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Enhanced Accuracy and Precision

One of the most significant benefits of both Scan to BIM and Point Cloud to BIM services is the unparalleled accuracy and precision they bring to the project planning and execution phases. This high level of detail ensures that the resulting BIM models accurately reflect current conditions, which is crucial for making informed decisions and documenting as-built conditions. 


Improved Collaboration and Coordination

San to BIM fosters enhanced collaboration among all project stakeholders. With a detailed and accurate BIM model based on real-world conditions, teams can work together more efficiently, communicating design intent and modifications directly within the model. This shared access to a single source of truth helps in identifying and resolving potential design conflicts.


Cost and Time Savings

Implementing MAX 360’s Scan to BIM and Point Cloud to BIM services can lead to significant cost and time savings over the course of a project. By identifying potential issues early in the design phase, MAX 360 can help in avoiding expensive changes and construction rework. Additionally, the detailed planning enabled by accurate BIM models can reduce waste and ensure a more efficient use of resources. 


Enhanced Facility Management

Beyond the design and construction phases, Scan to BIM and Point Cloud to BIM services offer substantial benefits for the ongoing management and operation of facilities. By creating a detailed and accurate digital twin of the physical structure, Facility Managers gain a powerful tool for lifecycle management, maintenance planning, and operational optimization. 

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