Why MAX 360?


Why Work With Us?

Maximize Efficiency

Significantly increase efficiencies within your organization by leveraging our systems & expertise.

Accelerate Growth

Scale your organization quickly and effectively. MAX 360 will help you get to where you’re going, faster.

Decrease Overhead

More cost-effective than hiring employees in-house. Save without compromising quality.

Leverage Technologies

The future of the AEC Industry is driven by technology. Stay ahead of the competition.


What Sets Us Apart?


Fully Dedicated

MAX 360’s Specialists are fully dedicated to your company, ensuring you are getting the consistency, time and attention needed.


Highly Skilled

MAX 360’s meticulous recruiting and hiring process ensure’s that we only hire the most highly skilled and talented Specialists.


Trained & Certified

All Specialists at MAX 360 are thoroughly and diligently trained as well as certified in their respective specialties.


Process Driven

MAX 360 has developed detailed and effective systems and processes that seamlessly integrate with our clients’ systems and workflows.



Partnering with MAX 360 costs much less than hiring additional staff in-house. Also save big on additional overhead & IT costs.


Customized Solutions

MAX 360’s approach enables us to provide solutions that are customized to fit the needs of your organization. 


Streamlined Communication

MAX 360 focuses on clear and constant communication in order to ensure success on all projects.


Transparency & Trust

MAX 360 prioritizes honesty & transparency in order to build trust and successful, long-term relationships with clients.

Why Outsource

MAX 360 vs. Hiring In-House


Partnering with MAX 360 gives you flexibility to operate efficiently by utilizing our services on a short-term or long-term basis.


MAX 360 can add capacity to your team instantly. No need to wait months to recruit, interview, and hire the right team member.


Partnering with MAX 360 gives you instant access to top tier talent, enabling you to expand and scale quickly.


Outsourcing certain tasks and functions to MAX 360 enables your team to focus on core competencies.

Variable Capacity

Whether you need one Specialist or an entire team, MAX 360 has the ability provide your organization with the resources it needs.

Avoid Unnecessary Overhead

Avoid paying for additional, unnecessary overhead that comes with hiring in-house employees like taxes, insurance, IT costs, etc.

Eliminate Employee Turnover

Eliminate the hassle and risk of losing employees that you’ve invested in recruiting, hiring and training. 

Low Risk

Partnering with MAX 360 reduces a great amount of operational and financial risk within your organization.


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