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MAX 360 enables AEC Professionals to streamline processes by supporting drafting functions of the design phase and pre-construction phase.






Levels of Design


In the Pre-Design stage of the design process, the geometry of the building elements are not represented. No dimesions, shapes, or exact locations are represented in this stage.

Schematic Design

In the Schematic Design stage of the design process, elements are generic placeholders. The components and information within the design are approximate.

Design Development

In the Design Development stage of the design process, the quantity, size, shape, location, and orientation of the element are graphically represented in the design.

Construction Documents

In the Construction Documents stage of the design, all components in LOD 300 are included as well as other building componenets such as supports and connections.

Shop Drawings

In the Fabrication and Installation Detail stage of the project, enough information is included in the design for the fabrication and installation of elements.


In the As-Built stage of the project, a complete and accurate representation of the building elements are represented post-construction with field verified dimensions.


Why MAX 360

Leveraging MAX 360’s expert drafting solutions present a number of short term and long term benefits to AEC Organizations.


Reduce Overhead

Outsourcing CAD Drafting to MAX 360 enables AEC professionals to reduce overhead without compromising quality.


Scale Quickly

Scale your organization quickly and effectively. MAX 360 will help you get to where you’re going, faster.


Enhance Productivity

Do more in less time. Enable your design team to focus on design while MAX 360 does the heavy lifting of drafting the project plans.


Increase Quality

Enhance your team and process by leveraging MAX 360’s drafting standards, expertise and experience.


Who We Work With

MAX 360 provides CAD Drafting solutions to AEC Professionals in all disciplines.






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