Quantity Surveying


Quantity Surveying Services

Quantity Takeoffs

A Quantity Takeoff is a list of all construction materials and quantities required for a project. It’s typically used to put together a construction cost estimate.

Construction Estimates

A Construction Estimate is a forecast of the cost of a construction project. It can be used to put together a bid proposal or a construction budget.

Material Order Lists

A Material Order List is a list of all construction materials and quantities needed for a project. It’s used to receive quotes and order materials from vendors.


A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a detailed list of all materials and componenets of a product or system. It’s used to construct, fabricate or assemble prefabricated products.


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Benefits of Outsourcing

Leveraging MAX 360’s expert quantity surveying solutions present a number of short term and long term benefits to AEC Organizations.


Reduce Overhead

Outsourcing quantity surveying to MAX 360 enables AEC professionals to reduce overhead without compromising quality.


Scale Quickly

Scale your organization quickly and effectively. MAX 360 will help you get to where you’re going, faster.


Enhance Productivity

Do more in less time. Enable your team to focus on more critical items while MAX 360 does the heavy lifting.


Increase Quality

Enhance your team and process by leveraging MAX 360’s quantity surveying standards, expertise and experience.


Who We Work With

MAX 360 provides Quantity Surveying solutions to AEC Professionals in all disciplines.


General Contractors


Specialty Contractors


Material Suppliers


Design Professionals


Owners & Operators